What does a Certified Aromatherapist actually do?

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Andrea Butje

I have met so many amazing people through Aromahead Institute!

Many of them are students and graduates. In fact, I was so impressed with the work Aromahead graduates are doing in the world that I started the Aromahead Graduate Directory. It's an online database where our graduates can list their businesses, talk about how Aromatherapy has benefited their lives, and share their experiences studying at Aromahead.

I was perusing the Graduate Directory the other day (again!) and decided to share a few stories of graduates of the Aromatherapy Certification Program (ACP).

Then I would like to tell you about a special webinar that will show you how to become a graduate of the ACP yourself.

Karen Carozzi (Costa Rica)

"I was raised in a family who knitted into me the value plants, herbs, and trees could provide to our bodies. I carried these practices throughout adulthood in my personal life. However, it wasn't until a personal medical diagnosis that I was introduced to the power of essential oils. That season was the catalyst to digging deeper and ultimately shifting careers. The new-birthed passion, now very personal, served as a journey for preparing me for the path I have been on for several years.

"I am a former Corporate Designer from Southern California, and now, as a Certified Aromatherapist in Costa Rica, I dedicate myself to providing care, options, and truth to others who are in search of support and healing in their journey to wellness.

"My love for seeing people walk in the abundance of a healthy mind, body, and spirit is complemented by my simple life in the Pacific NW coast of Costa Rica with my amazing husband, very extroverted neighborhood monkeys, and lurking iguanas.

"After extensive research on various teaching programs on essential oils, I found Aromahead Institute's program, teaching style, and staff to be above reproach. The wonderful attention to students is amazing—very personable, professional, and with great attention to detail. I am very proud to have been part of this program—it was more rewarding than I ever expected."

wendyWendy Almanzar (Milwaukee, WI)

"I'm a wife, mom, and grandmother living in Wisconsin! I've been interested in Aromatherapy for over 30 years, starting with oil rings, incense, candles, and room deodorizers in my home. I also dabbled with essential oils in my previous career as a property manager.

"I wanted our 'model' apartment to stand out from the rest, so I added scents, depending on the season, that were all natural, and that people would remember. This always brought the kindest compliments! I love preparing blends that support healing, as well as just creating blends to help relax after a busy day, or special pampering. I feel like Aromatherapy has been the whisper in my ear and my calling all along. It's truly my passion.

"I can't say enough great things about Aromahead Institute! Andrea shares her wealth of knowledge in easy-to-understand material, including videos and webinars. She adds a light touch of humor as well! (My favorite is Q&A with Andrea Butje, talking about Esters and Ethers) I've learned so much with this class; my goal is to proceed even further by taking the clinical studies course. Andrea and the rest of the Aromahead team of instructors are all so encouraging, kind, and supportive! I'm proud to be an Aromahead graduate!"

I find the stories of our Aromahead graduates incredibly inspiring!

If you've ever considered a career in Aromatherapy or want to understand what it takes to become a Certified Aromatherapist check out our Program.

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