What Essential Oils are Good for Pain? 3 Oils that WORK

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Karen Williams

Pain, it's a potent distraction—an unwelcome interloper that can make us feel disconnected from the things we hold dear and often leaves us impatient for relief.

Let's not allow it to steal any more of our precious moments; let's cut to the chase and delve into the heart of this blog.

Today, I am excited to unveil the healing properties of three essential oils, which are instrumental in providing natural relief from pain. Discover why they work, how they work, and the most effective ways to use them.

1. Ginger Essential Oil (Zingiber officinale)

When Ginger essential oil is mentioned, many immediately think of its digestive benefits. But hold on, it's a veritable powerhouse when it comes to pain relief as well! Ginger, with its warm, spicy undertones, is a champion at soothing inflammation and stimulating circulation to areas of application. It's particularly effective for areas that feel cold and swollen, making it a must-have in your natural remedies repertoire.

2. Myrrh Essential Oil (Commiphora myrrha)

Derived from resin much like Frankincense, Myrrh essential oil is your trusted comrade when you're looking to alleviate physical tension, cramps, and inflammation. I often liken Myrrh to a skilled massage therapist—offering gentle comfort while expertly working out deep-seated tensions in our bodies.

3. Orange Essential Oil (Citrus sinensis)

Surprised to see Orange on this list? This popular and incredibly versatile oil is not just for delightful aromas and mood uplifting. It's an unsung hero in reducing inflammation and muscle spasms and alleviating constricted areas.

Even through inhalation, these essential oils work wonders for pain. But for this blog, I'll be blending them into a Trauma Oil base—an all-natural carrier oil—to concoct a potent topical blend.

Trauma Oil is an herb-infused oil made by steeping arnica, St. John's wort, and calendula in a carrier oil like olive oil. The result is a concoction that's remarkable at calming inflammation.

Without further ado, let's get into the recipe for an all-natural pain relief blend that deserves a spot in your "first aid kit" or "remedies cabinet."

Spice Up the Pain Relief!

  • 1 fl oz (30 ml) Trauma Oil

  • 7 drops Ginger essential oil (Zingiber officinale)

  • 5 drops Myrrh essential oil (Commiphora myrrha)

  • 6 drops Orange essential oil (Citrus sinensis)

Concoct this blend in a 1 oz (30 ml) glass bottle. Mix the Trauma Oil with the essential oils and gently shake to combine. Designed to be simple and quick, this blend is perfect for those who need immediate relief and have little time to spare.

Ah, the relief that comes from bidding farewell to pain! Now, isn't that a breath of fresh air?

Do you know what else should be a breeze? Learning to use essential oils in a manner that's backed by 100% research—every single day! I've been educating people about essential oils for over two decades, fueled by my passion for unraveling the SCIENCE + SAFETY behind Aromatherapy.

Indeed, this is merely the beginning of our journey into the realm of natural pain relief. The world of essential oils is vast, and the potential for healing and comfort is almost limitless. Every essential oil carries its unique properties, and when chosen wisely and blended strategically, it can weave a tapestry of relief that's tailored to your specific needs.

From Lavender's soothing calm to Peppermint's invigorating coolness, there's an entire palette of oils waiting to be explored. When these oils are combined in a harmony that acknowledges your unique pain points, the result is not just a generic salve but a personal symphony of relief!

Remember, our bodies aren't all the same. Our pains and aches differ, and so should our remedies. The beauty of essential oils is that they allow us to create solutions targeted to address our unique issues.

So, let's embark on this journey together. Let's explore the myriad of essential oils and learn the art and science of blending them in ways that offer us the most relief. This introduction to pain relief is just the tip of the iceberg. There's so much more to discover, and I can't wait to guide you through it all!

Ready to learn more about the therapeutic properties of essential oils? Aromatherapy 101 is for you!

Whether you are brand new to aromatherapy or looking to expand your knowledge with science-based information you can trust, our introduction course is the perfect place to begin.


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