How Aromatherapy Helped a Hospice Patient Feel More Like Himself

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Andrea Butje

Robin Kessler's client "Red"was in hospice.

He used to be a barber in his younger years and had an eye for style. His flaming red hair had always been combed nicely (and earned him the nickname Red!), and he kept his nails manicured and polished clear. He loved wearing masculine colognes.

When Robin met him, his red hair had gone white, and he needed a lot of care. He was always confused and agitated, didn't eat much, and often mumbled to himself. He did not even want to open his eyes to look at people and instead lashed out at them . . . but he still kept a bottle of Old Spice cologne on his dresser, kept his hair brushed, and kept his nails neat and clean!

Robin understood the power of scent. She had earned her Aromatherapy Certification from Aromahead Institute and had decided to use her skills to help people in hospice—working with the terminally ill, people with anxiety and dementia, and their families.  

She knew what a great option Aromatherapy was for many of them . . . and she believed it could help Red.

Robin began researching the kinds of scents that might show up in a barber shop, and she also talked to Red's family.

She came up with a blend that included Vetiver, Rosemary ct. verbenone, Cedarwood, and Sweet Marjoram.

A short two days later, Red's daughter called Robin saying that there had been a real change!

"He was much calmer. He began to talk instead of mumbling like he was doing before. He was eating again. He actually enjoyed the smell and inhaled deeply smiling when it was on. He began talking about his days in the barbershop. He began to smile every time the diffuser was turned on.

I had to see for myself, so I went and paid him a visit . . . This time when I went into his room, it was almost like a new person was there. No more lashing out, and at times he actually held a conversation with me.

Red did not quite remember Robin's name . . . but he did call her the "Scent Lady!" That was close enough for Robin!

Robin knew that the essential oils would not reverse Red's condition. But they could—and did—improve his quality of life and his ability to connect with the people who loved and cared for him.

Now Robin runs her own Aromatherapy business, RBK Aromatherapy LLC, and continues to help others by making customized blends, teaching seminars, and workshops, and writing about essential oils. 

Hospice care is truly inspiring work. The ability to help others through the end of life—whether they are the ones transitioning or they are supporting someone they love—is a gift.

The fact that Robin chose to earn her Aromatherapy Certification at Aromahead makes me feel honored.

If you would like to use essential oils to improve others' lives, to help them feel more like themselves and connect more with the people they love, please know that you can absolutely succeed in that.

There are endless opportunities for work with Aromatherapy (and the opportunities are only growing as Aromatherapy becomes more popular). All you need to be successful is education—an understanding the science and research behind essential oils—so you can make the ideal decisions for the people you want to help.

Check out the online Aromatherapy Certification Program that Robin took here

I hope you'll join us in class!

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