Gentle Lavender Bath for Babies

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Andrea Butje

Babies skin is some of the most sensitive skin of all.

When people ask me about using Aromatherapy for babies, I definitely want to give them some good, natural, pure-as-can-be suggestions. But I don't actually use essential oils for babies skin. They are just so small, and their systems are so responsive—essential oils can be too strong for them.

So the Aromahead Approach®, in this case, is to lean on carrier oils, butters, and hydrosols, or diffusing essential oils, leaving the essential oil skin application for kids who are over five years old (and grown-ups, of course!)

But that doesn't mean we can't use Aromatherapy for babies . . .

This is a lavender bath recipe that both you and baby will love. It helps "soften" bath water so it's more gentle, nourishes sensitive skin, soothes irritation, helps cleanse away dirt, and leaves baby smelling sweet and fresh. The only ingredient is lavender hydrosol.

Gentle Lavender Bath for Babies

This Lavender bath water can help babies feel emotionally comforted.

  • When it's time for the baby's bath, just add a capful of Lavender hydrosol to the warm water. That's it!

Another bonus of this bath blend is that lavender is excellent for soothing the nervous system. This lavender bath water can help babies feel emotionally comforted. It's very reassuring!

Lavender hydrosol is a wonderful product for little ones.

It's actually created during the same distillation process as Lavender essential oil.

Here's a basic overview of how it's produced, so you know what you're using for the baby . . .

The lavender plant material goes into the still, and the water in the still is heated until it becomes steam and breaks open the essential oil "sacs" in the plant.

That's how the essential oil is released. But during this process, the steam itself becomes infused with some of lavender's water-soluble components. So when the steam turns back into the water . . . it's now a therapeutic hydrosol!

From that one distillation, we get both the essential oil and the hydrosol.
The essential oil is very potent, but the hydrosol is much gentler while still containing plenty of therapeutic benefits. Many times hydrosol is distilled just for the hydrosol and isn't a by-product. This is my favorite!

To keep the baby fresh and happy between bath times, you can put 1 fl oz (30 ml) of lavender hydrosol in a spray bottle and use this as a baby skin spritz. Try it on sensitive, irritated areas, to calm baby acne, or to freshen up places where sweat and dirt tend to collect (like around their neck).

I also have a recipe for an all-natural baby powder that you might love! It's made with chamomile, vanilla, and a few other perfectly pure ingredients. You can find it on YouTube below.

I hope you and your baby enjoy bath time!

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