Why do we love Frankincense essential oil?

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Andrea Butje

Frankincense essential oil is one of my favorites!

I know that I'm not alone. Every time I talk about Frankincense essential oil (Boswellia carterii), many people say that it feels like a friend to them, too.

I even wrote a blog post about how much people love it! You can find that here, along with three recipes for using Frankincense essential oil in blends to heal scar tissue, relieve colds and flu, and help you relax into evening meditation.

What is it about Frankincense essential oil that we love so much?

It certainly does have a lot of therapeutic properties. It's one of the best oils for helping skin cells repair themselves, making it a popular ingredient in blends to heal and reduce scar tissue and to use in facial cleanser recipes. It's excellent for the care of mature skin.

It's also perfect in respiratory blends—for supporting acute issues like a cold and ongoing or chronic conditions like asthma.

Other ways we can use Frankincense essential oil include:

But I think one of the reasons Frankincense essential oil shows up on so many peoples' lists of favorites is its aroma—the way it calms our minds, centers our thoughts, and soothes anxiety.

Frankincense has a deep, rich aroma that is very comforting. The essential oil is extracted from resin, which the frankincense tree produces in response to a wound in its trunk. The resin seals off the wound and helps it heal. For me, there is something very telling about how Frankincense oil works for us. It's as though the oil brings forth deep reserves of inner strength to heal and calm us.

Contemplating the nature of plants and essential oils helps me connect with them in deeper ways and come up with new ideas for using them in aromatherapy blends.