Make Sports Massage Oil with Spike Lavender

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Andrea Butje

Massage oil blend to soothe sore muscles

I have an easy-to-make recipe for a sports massage oil to share with you!

There are only two ingredients, so you can even make it if your body is sore after a workout and just wants a hot bath. The ingredients are Trauma Oil and Spike Lavender essential oil (Lavandula latifolia). We can keep this recipe simple because these two ingredients are so ideal for soothing sore muscles.

Trauma Oil is one of my favorite carrier oils for relieving pain. It's actually an infusion of three flowers in olive oil. The herbs are St. John's wort, calendula, and arnica.

St. John's wort is an excellent analgesic for nerve pain, so it helps soothe discomfort quickly. The arnica helps reduce pain and inflammation, speeding up the tissues' process of self-repair. The calendula is more to nourish the skin itself.

Trauma Oil is so effective for sore muscles I sometimes use it without adding essential oil. But for a sports massage oil, I like to take the healing and comfort up a notch.

After Your Workout Relief Massage Oil

The combination of Trauma Oil and Spike Lavender Oil comforts and heals sore muscles.

  • One 1 oz (30 ml) Amber Bottle with Coned Cap

  • Add the Trauma Oil to the bottle.

  • Drop the essential oils into the bottle.

  • Shake well to combine and before each use.

Close the lid and shake gently, then massage into sore muscles as needed. You can use this blend right after a workout (if you suspect you've pushed your muscles a little too hard), or you can use it after your muscles start complaining.

Are all Lavenders the same?

You may be wondering why this recipe calls for Spike Lavender and not Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia). Spike Lavender has some key chemical differences.

  • It contains camphor, which has wonderful circulatory and rubefacient effects, so it stimulates blood flow.

  • It also contains 1,8-cineole, which boosts the analgesic, antispasmodic, and anti-inflammatory properties of the recipe.

So Spike Lavender has an enhanced ability to get the circulation going and relieve muscle soreness.

I just love simple recipes like this! You can even make a little bottle to keep in your gym bag.

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