Meet Marissa: From Lab Scientist to Aromahead Instructor!

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Jenny Williams
Meet Marissa: From Lab Scientist to Aromahead Instructor!

Our Scientist-Turned-Aromatherapist!

At Aromahead Institute, our instructors are the beating heart of our team.

Marissa Berghuber is one of our treasured case study instructors!

She lives in Perth, Western Australia, and works one-on-one with students in our Aromatherapy Certification Program (ACP).

ACP students are on their way to essential oil expertise, and many go on to become professional aromatherapists.

Marissa guides ACP students, providing helpful feedback and encouragement.

Marissa has a background as a medical laboratory scientist and now focuses on her aromatherapy career. She’s taken many different courses in both aromatherapy and skin care and attended numerous conferences and workshops with well-known leaders in the profession.

Along with helping ACP students, Marissa is also one of Aromahead’s forum instructors, where she interacts with students and graduates. She answers questions about essential oils, offers suggestions for recipes and substitutions, and more. Her presence is a guiding light.

Here are a few fun stats about her incredible experience as an aromatherapist and educator …

  • Years working with essential oils: 5

  • Years supporting Aromahead students: 3

  • Student case studies reviewed: 1,617

  • Student and graduate forum replies: 1,200+

  • 3 favorite essential oils: Fragonia, neroli, and frankincense!

Marissa was kind enough to answer a few questions about her aromatherapy career!

Marissa, how did you first discover essential oils?

“I was introduced to essential oils by a friend who had started using them. I was curious about whether they ‘worked’ and started looking into them myself. I loved how they made me feel at that point."

“One day my husband and I were suffering from allergies terribly, and I looked up a recipe to help with allergy symptoms. It worked so well! We were both amazed and have used essential oils to support our health ever since.”

Why did you decide to study essential oil science?

“There was something about the oils that really resonated with me. I loved how there were so many aspects to using essential oils and wanted to know more about using them safely and effectively.”

What’s your favorite thing about being part of the Aromahead Team?

“The support students get!”

“Aromahead really is the best when it comes to student interaction.”

“I work on the student forum and with ACP students who are doing their case studies, and it brings me so much joy to answer questions and guide people during their studies.”

What do you love about working with students?

“Knowing that they are taking the knowledge gained at Aromahead and using it to make their and other people's lives a little (or a lot) better. I have lots of fun interacting with my students, and I love having that rapport with them.”

Did you always know you wanted an aromatherapy career?

“To be honest, not at all!”

"I was a medical scientist in a pathology laboratory for about 16 years until recently.”

“After completing my Aromahead studies and studying skincare formulation, I started my personal business. A short time later, I was very fortunate to be offered my position at Aromahead. For three years, I worked for both Aromahead and the pathology laboratory. Last year [2021], I decided to focus on my personal aromatherapy career and take on more Aromahead projects as they pop up.”

Is there a natural product or practice you’re currently fascinated by?

“I recently took a course on Australian Bush Flower Essences, which was fascinating! They work so well with essential oils, too.”

Doing any other fun things in your aromatherapy career?

I've just started a blog, and I am always creating new blends and products. I've also run some workshops and have absolutely loved the energy and eagerness of the participants!”

Thank you, Marissa!

Outside of work, Marissa enjoys spending time with her family, gardening, growing herbs & vegetables, and formulating skin and body care products. She loves using plant-based products for her family, including her young daughter.

Marissa’s kind heart, and her dedication to aromatherapy as an art and science, have impacted so many students. Plus, she’s a lot of fun to be around! Thank you, Marissa!

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