Safe Citrus Essential Oils for Massage

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Karen Williams

How to safely use citrus essential oils for Massage

Massage oils can offer unique benefits to your client!

To help relieve muscle tension, try a massage oil made with soothing essential oils such as Lavender and Frankincense. When feeling low on energy or cold temperatures have hit, opt for energizing essentials like Black Spruce and Cardamom to improve circulation.

But what about using citrus essential oils for massage? Citrus essential oils are incredibly refreshing and uplifting; however, some may be phototoxic - fear not! If appropriately diluted, these bright scents can still safely be used in an uplifting yet gentle massage blend, and the right oils are chosen. 

Citrus essential oils can be an incredibly refreshing, positive experience for clients. Their spirits will lift immediately with a whiff of the bright and refreshing aroma! Plus, citrus essential oils are not only energizing but also calming to inflammation and supportive of immunity—creating an all-around environment that aids in overall health.

When choosing which citrus oil to use, remember safety is key: research before selecting one for massage oil application.

Citrus essential oils offer some of the most refreshing, energizing scents. However, there is an important reason why we must exercise caution when using these powerful oils on our skin - they may be phototoxic! Let's delve into what this means and how best to use citrus essential oil safely.

Phototoxicity is an unpleasant and potentially painful side effect of certain citrus-based essential oils, which causes skin reactions - such as burning, blistering, or discoloration when exposed to sunlight.

Thankfully, not all citrus oils have phototoxic properties; we can still enjoy the benefits of a massage using these amazing scents without risking irritation and blistering!

In light of that knowledge, here is a recipe utilizing only non-phototoxic citruses, so you don't need to worry about sunburn aftermaths.

Safely Citrus Massage Oil

A bright, citrusy massage oil to soothe muscle tension
Essential Oils:
4 drops Green Mandarin Oil (Citrus reticulata)
4 drops Sweet Orange Oil (Citrus sinensis)
4 drops distilled Lime Oil (Citrus aurantifolia)

1 fl oz (30 ml) Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia chinensis)

Pour the jojoba oil into the glass bottle and add essential oils. Tightly cap and gently shake to blend. 
This unique formula contains two varieties of Orange - Green Mandarin and Sweet Orange - both known to be non-phototoxic. Also featured is the distilled Lime essential oil; At the same time, cold-pressed Lime can cause skin sensitivity under direct sunlight or in tanning beds when used topically; its distilled version makes for a safe addition that isn't phototoxic even after lengthy exposure to light outdoors.

Are you wondering about the other citrus essential oils?

Using citrus essential oils in massage oil is a great way to create a cheerful, uplifting atmosphere and bring an energizing lift to the mind & body. However, staying well-informed on their safe topical use is vital before adding them to your recipe.

With accurate knowledge, you can confidently move ahead with concocting blissful blends of grapefruit & lemon that will make anyone feel good!

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