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Clays are an important part of your aromatherapy practice. Learn how to effectively use the various types of clay for therapeutic benefits.

$ 59.00

Working with Hydrosols

A Deep Dive into German Chamomile, Lavender, and Peppermint Hydrosols. This workshop is essential for anyone eager to learn the fundamentals of hydrosols and explore their therapeutic benefits, along with tips on their proper care and storage.

$ 59.00

Working with Carrier Oils

We look at concepts of incorporating carriers into your aromatherapy skill set. Focusing on 3 favorite carriers exploring the rationale behind each one and the benefits they offer us in our aromatherapy practice.

$ 59.00

How to Blend Essential Oils

Blending your essential oils is easy when you know where to begin! That’s why we show you exactly how to properly blend your oils in this course.