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Aromatherapy Teacher Training Program

Get everything you’ll need to enhance your career as an aromatherapy educator! You’ll get detailed, flexible lesson plans that will allow you to run classes in five different time frames on a variety of aromatherapy topics plus all the supporting materials you need to run an effective class. We’ll also cover teaching tips to support different learning styles, details for pricing and promoting your courses, and more. You’ll be filling classes with eager students in no time!

$ 2995.00

Aromatherapy for Massage Therapists

Adding essential oils to your massage practice can help you provide powerful, healing relief for your clients, grow your business, and set your practice apart from the competition in a crowded market. This course goes in-depth on using essential oils to naturally manage chronic and acute pain and provides all the details you need to successfully expand your services with aromatherapy.

$ 350.00
Aromatherapy Certification Program

Aromatherapy Certification Program

This program will build a solid foundation of knowledge for anyone who would like to enhance wellness for themselves or others through safe and effective aromatherapy. You'll get an in-depth look at the chemistry that powers the therapeutic effects of essential oils and gain the insights needed to create blends that support specific health conditions. When you complete the program, you'll receive a valuable certification that's recognized by industry-leading organizations.

$ 2195.00

Continue to hone your skill by learning advanced chemistry that supports therapeutic blending. You’ll practice using GC/MS reports as a decision-making tool, learn a variety of advanced blending techniques, and gain familiarity with a number of lesser-known essential oils. You’ll also get a significant amount of hands-on practice treating real people with guidance and feedback from your personal case-study instructors plus lifetime access to Aromahead’s extensive, thoroughly-researched component database.

$ 1600.00