Ernalou Del Rosario

About me:

I am Ernalou Amechachura-Del Rosario, but most call me Balot. I am a NAHA Level 2 Certified Aromatherapist, Regional Director of NAHA to the Philippines, professional life and grief coach, author, writer, brand consultant, entrepreneur and certified prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher. I immediately fell in love with essential oils when it was first introduced to me. I ventured to study when my son (who was 18 months old then) had an adverse reaction to an essential oil blend and I could not find a certified aromatherapist in the Philippines. I have never looked back since. I love teaching about safe use of essential oils and my main advocacy is aromatherapy for children and women. I hope to integrate all the things I do into one umbrella which would promote holistic wellness - soul, body and mind and aromatherapy just fits perfectly in this mission.