Margaret Grace Lim

About me:

I’m Margaret Grace Lim from Cebu, Philippines. I’m a manufacturing entrepreneur of arts and crafts for 17 years. I sell my products to retailers such as in malls and department stores. Unfortunately, after 17 years I stopped my arts and craft business because the industry trend experienced a steady decline and it’s no longer financially viable. My long search for a business venture to replace my arts and craft business made me so stressed and anxious that I was having vertigo. I’ve taken medications for vertigo but it would just come and go.I tried aromatherapy products available in the market and it was quite effective but I was not satisfied with it. So I decided to study aromatherapy because I know I can create a much better product.I’man inventor by heart and my passion is product research and development.I love to create products uniquely my own.I intend to create my aromatherapy product line someday.I always strive for excellence when I’m doing product research and development(PRD).I’m working on it slowly but surely. My end user deserves only the best because they are significant tome and I value them. I’m always fascinated with products available in the market that have lasted for so long like Johnson’s and Johnson’s etc. It’s always been my dream to create products that would someday outlive and outlast it’s creator.A product that would reflect the authenticity, uniqueness and core values of its creator. I intend to offer my services as aconsultant freeof charge to the massage center chain operated by the blind masseur.Massagetherapy is the leading profession for the blind in the Philippines. This sector is dear to me because I’m also legally blind. I’ve been legally blind for 32 years. As a way of giving back to my community, I’ll offer my services as a consultant so that they wouldthriveand have a competitive edge in the massage therapy business. Helping them will also help me. It will give me the opportunity to master my craft as an aromatherapist and will be able to create effective blends.