Graduate: Cynthia Tamlyn

Cynthia Tamlyn

Cynthia Tamlyn
Oilistic Aromatherapy

Lake Stevens, WA

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Welcome, is it alright if I assume you're here to find help in navigating the use of essential oils? Maybe you have questions related to safety or efficacy. Maybe you purchased some but you're not quiet sure what to do with them.

This is where I come in. Use my knowledge and passion for the subject to help you connect to the next steps. I am a complete believer in the benefits of aromatherapy to support a multitude of issues.  


My name is Cynthia, I am a passionate advocate for holistic solutions. I’ve dedicated the past 20 years of my life to the study of holistic healthcare. I want to serve my community by sharing from my experiences as well as my training.

A special area of interest for me, and the focus of my research and practice, has been how to help others that have a history of trauma.  This is personal to me, as both an adult survivor of childhood trauma, and as a trauma mom.

I have dedicated my practice to improving the lives of those with a history of trauma. My mission is to bridge the work of trauma research, neuroscience, and clinical aromatherapy.

I am the first and only clinical aromatherapy practice for families providing trauma informed, research supported, and safe custom clinical aromatherapy blends to support your family’s unique needs.

My goal is to support and empower trauma survivors to take back their power, enabling them to achieve all they ever hoped or dreamed.

My  passion is to support families in living a harmonious and connected family life through the use of clinical aromatherapy.

I am relentless in pursuing continuing education opportunities related to trauma and aromatherapy to better serve my clients. In addition to being an Aromahead Scholar’s Graduate, I have studied under Robert Tisserand, Bessel van der Kolk, Cathy Skipper, Stephen Porges, Alexander McFarlane, Rachel Yehuda and Ed Tronick. I can be reached through my website on the left or my business Facebook page:  

What I loved about Aromahead:

I'm an anal-retentive nerd. I own it. I really liked the chemistry and science behind the use of essential oils.

As a conservationist, I loved learning that I could achieve great results while using less through proper dilution and complementary blends.

I had been using essential oils for years, but prior to my Aromahead course work, I had no idea there were different types of lavender, thyme, helichrysum, or other essential oils.

The difference between a Lavandula angustifolia and a Lavandula latifolia is immense for folks like myself with epilepsy. 

I'm so glad to have built such a solid foundation upon which to safely help others with their clinical aromatherapy needs.